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Ann M. Gallagher

Founding Director

For years Ann has been making science accessible™.

In biology, native plant ecology, watershed hydrology, earth science, wetland ecology, (sub)urban forestry, wildlife behavior, and the social sciences Ann has used an array of analysis techniques to translate original work into material appropriate for any audience - neophytes to nationally recognized experts. Instructing at the University of Maryland College Park and at Catholic University of America, Ann has introduced over one thousand undergraduate students, science majors to science-adverse neophytes, to the basics of biology, earth, and environmental science. Other projects have included national, grant funded census and survey data collection leadership on behalf of The Cochrane Collaboration College for Policy at George Mason UniversityAnn has extensive experience translating research into action in her capacity as Research/Development Co-Director on the executive board of the national nonprofit Start School Later, Inc.  Currently a regional biologist for a federal agency in the Washington, DC area, Ann is also an ISA Certified Arborist® MA-5484A. 

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